Choosing a modelling agency today has become a daunting task for new faces & models. The scouts at Topco have come together to help guide you, to provide answers to your questions about our agency, and why you should choose our team to represent you.

Let’s start with some history and our mission. Topco Models, established in 1968, is the most successful & longest running modelling agency in Cape Town, South Africa. We pride ourselves on ethical business practice, honesty, integrity in representing select models & artists, globally. Our mission is to discover and represent multicultural, diverse models, and artists found in this beautiful country and abroad.

We are an agency at the forefront of the ever-changing sphere of creativity. The Agency that sees the potential in breaking barriers.

In the VOGUE MAGAZINE issue of June 1995, Topco Models was recognised for bringing women and men of colour into the fashion and commercial industry. The late David Bowie and his incredible wife, Iman, worked on this project featuring Claire Mawisa & Meg.

Choosing your agency takes more consideration than simply choosing a pair of shoes. It’s choosing to allow a team of individuals to steer your career and your vision of where you fit in, in the modelling industry. It is important that both agency and model values’ align. Our team of passionate & skilled bookers provide individual career guidance & support to maximize each model’s potential.

Your booker at Topco is an agent who will honour you as an individual, look after your best interest financially, and not sell you short of your worth. Topco bookers will fight for you against those who would want to exploit you, and will do what is right, fair and honourable for all parties at all times.

Choosing a modelling agency today has become a daunting task for new faces & models. The scouts at Topco have come together to help guide you, to provide answers to your questions about our agency, and why you should choose our team to represent you.

Let’s start with some history and our mission. Topco Models, established in 1968, is the most successful & longest running modelling agency in Cape Town, South Africa. We pride ourselves on ethical business practice, honesty, integrity in representing select models & artists, globally. Our mission is to discover and represent multicultural, diverse models, and artists found in this beautiful country and abroad.



Modelling is such a unique form of expression and it really can be a Iot of fun. Being on set is kind of like being on a stage, everyone there is working together to make magic happen, a lot of the times I feel like a star with stars. I've gotten great opportunities to work with fashion brands allowing me to wear their beautiful and unique clothing, helping me cultivate my own style in clothing and accessories.
Topco has really made all of this an incredible journey for me. I sure am thankful to have the Topco team by my side, to have their care and kindness, it always surpasses them. Topco is here to grow, constantly impressing the industry and going the extra mile - y'all the rock stars!



I've always wanted to be an International Runway Model. TOPCO believed in my dreams as much as I did. After a few months with them, they signed a contract with an agency in Istanbul. It was surreal, I booked Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Istanbul for 3 years straight. I was afforded the opportunity to be the showstopper for Ellie Saab's bridal collection and other big names. I opened countless shows, and this allowed me to travel around Turkey. I also had the opportunity to travel to Thailand to do a huge campaign on the James Bond Island. TOPCO had such a wonderful relationship with my agents in Turkey that they repeatedly booked me. After closing the Burberry Autumn/Winter Exclusive Show in 2020 I thanked my lucky stars. I got to walk alongside Supermodels Irina Shayk, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Walking for Burberry was the biggest accomplishment of my life, and better than falling in love. Going overseas and witnessing how hard the other models work motivates me to do better. Who better to thank than my TOPCO family who have always put me first, before themselves. I will forever be grateful for the endless opportunities that you have given me.



Three years ago, I walked into Topco's office/agency with a shaky fraction of confidence in my character and self, without any previous modelling experience, and simply an idea inspired by international curve supermodels. I was met with warmth and endless patience from the bookers, photographers, and everyone I interacted with at the Agency. I've felt that my Bookers are genuinely invested in our growth, not only as performers and models, but as real characters in our real lives. Topco has suggested and guided me through various workshops, which covered on-camera acting, modelling, standard casting and on-set procedures, and growing myself as a "brand".I have appreciated feeling valued as a whole person/individual, in a large well-established agency. The level of warm professionalism, transparency and clear communication is unmatched.Modelling is a career path that I dared myself to approach and has become one of the best out-of-comfort decisions I've made. I often look at the progress I've made with Topco in disbelief and am immeasurably curious and eager to find what lies ahead.



‘’A duty or willingness to accept responsibility for ones actions.‘’

As an agency, we pride ourselves in putting our models and artists first. Having been around for 50+ years and going through the industry changes, Topco is still paying models renewals/royalties for jobs done long after they have left the industry. We would like to give a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to all our clients who are honourable and pay their bills on time so that we can settle our models timeously as well.

We have taken a stand around accountability in the industry. Keeping our clients accountable for paying their bills, keeping the agency accountable for paying models and by having these artists acknowledge the receipt of their renewal payments from the agency in writing, which is then passed on to the clients. This covers the models having been paid and also sometimes letting the clients know how those funds will contribute to their lives. Let us as an industry work together to bring open disclosure to all artists.

Topco Models highly recommends that clients request this accountability from agents. Let’s advance our industry by providing this accountability to clients and models. We will dedicate our platform to re-educate the models & artists in order to create a culture amongst the industry that remains honest and upfront. Accountability not just for Topco but also for other agents and models out there.

Let us praise those that do the right thing for their talent by paying over renewed royalties. This is the way forward, we hope through our voice and the voices of all models this will become a Global trend.

Honesty and accountability is the future.

It’s a way forward for a better industry for all.


I absolutely received the renewal payments both in 2020 and now again in 2021. Topco is exemplary in their business model and professional conduct. I am very grateful for Topco's effort to uphold honesty and accountability in payments that could easily be collected without my knowledge. The fact that they are motivated to act on my behalf is the truly the reason I would only work with Topco representation going forward. They are an exceptional organization and I hope other agencies follow their lead.


Thank you for including me in this drive. I agree and give praise to TOPCO and their clients for acknowledging our contribution as artists for renewals. These renewals help us greatly and make me feel acknowledged and cared for, helping me have a continued source of income is a huge thing! I acknowledge that I have received my renewal payments. It is truly a huge blessing to have these renewals honoured and I would like to thank all those involved in making this happen, it really goes a long way. I plan to use my renewal payment to further my Surf Yoga business and supplement my living expenses.


What a pleasant surprise to see over 22.000 Rand clear my account totally as a surprise. Especially in those tough times this is like a miracle and in fact I will share something really personal here. Two days before my account was at a low time low, I had a total of 400 Rand, on all my accounts. As a self-employed with PVC windows it’s not so unusual but that was really low. My girlfriend just did not get paid from her boss who went bankrupt and I could not help her. She said she would pray for 20.000 to come my way, I am not making this up. The next day 2.000 came, but it was money from my private account, the last one I had. So I smiled and told her that her prayer worked partially. The next day I got two large amounts, both almost identical amounts> 22 .000 Rand and one was from my insurance pay out and the other one from Topco!!! Magic happened and the universe supplied and I will spoil my girlfriend and already did. many thanks for being a strong, supportive agent that holds up integrity and values! Let’s go far together.


I hereby acknowledge receiving my renewal payment. A very big THANK YOU to everyone playing a role in making sure that we as artists/talent receive renewals/upgrades/royalties income, and for making an effort to inform and educate everyone regarding the importance of this. With this very difficult time we all are experiencing and all the uncertainty that goes along with it, anything positive in our progress moving forward is such a relief and goes a very long way. Receiving this renewal payment certainly makes a big difference in my life and I am truly thankful for it.


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the renewal payment from the commercial I did in 2018. I appreciate your integrity and honesty surrounding the renewal of this commercial and payment. I would never have known otherwise. A hugemungous (not a word) shout out to everyone involved in this entire process and industry from the production teams, advertising agencies to clients and everyone in between. So much goes into creating anything meaningful and we do need to be compensated for our efforts. In such difficult economic times, payments for renewals, however small go a long way for talent everywhere including myself. The payment I received helped me to pay my staff, which brings me joy because I am all about service to others, so thank you!


Thank you very much for the renewal! I’ve had the privileged opportunity to travel with this industry, being represented by agencies in various geographies and working for some of the most amazing clients. I’ve always enjoyed the work I’ve done and the only thing that has ever soured my experience has been when I encountered dishonesty through clients I worked for. With this in mind, I can honestly say that given my own experiences (as well as those that I have heard about from through other models in the industry), TOPCO is a class above the rest and apart from the great service they offer, this largely due the honesty that characterises them and the respect that they have for all parties involved. I’m very grateful to everyone involved for their integrity in this renewal. The money will be going straight into my mortgage, and helps me so much. Thank you everyone!


I hope you are well. This email is to acknowledge you and your work in getting me my settlement payment. I'd like to extend my gratitude to Topco and the client for the professionalism and transparency shown in making sure I've been rightfully compensated. I hope you have a lovely day further.


This is to confirm that the renewal payment has been received for my son Ryan. We sincerely wish to thank all parties involved for their honesty with regards to issuing of payments.  He still clearly remembers doing the shoot as one of his favourite and had a ton of fun on set. Ryan will be paying towards his own and his sibling’s school tuition and this payment has been very welcome as Covid has decimated mom and dad's business.


Thank you so much for the renewal payment - it really made my day! I lost my job and income due to the pandemic, so this was a welcome surprise! I am sincerely grateful to Topco representatives for their diligence, honesty and transparency.


I Sisipho would like to thank Topco and all the relevant parties for their high level of workmanship and integrity, It is at such times that as artists we value the work beyond Screen and Print Media. The renewal came as a blessing I now can help at home comprehensively as my partner who is a chef by trade is yet to receive income due to Lockdown Regulations I am beyond grateful and hope everyone has a blessed day. Thank you.


We have often talked about this topic and how it can be solved. If I say I'm surprised, it's just how easy the solution actually is. I like to go along with you and support this for the benefit of all. I received the payment for the extension of the rights. Many thanks to everyone for the trustful cooperation, the handling from the beginning to the end of the project and the current extension of the rights. What I will do with the rights extension ... I will reinvest it in my skills as an actor and model and of course in the next season in Cape Town. I fully agree with you and would like to take up your words again: Let us praise those that do the right thing by their talent by renewing the usages and let us expose those that don’t. This is a way forward that we hope through your voice and the voices of all artists will become a global trend. HONESTY AND ACCOUNTABILITY IS THE FUTURE. IT’S THE ONLY WAY FORWARD FOR A BETTER INDUSTRY FOR ALL. Warmest greetings and love for you, feel hugged.

Annie V

This is an amazing show of honour and trust. I have been an artist under Topco for almost 20 years and am so grateful they are still fighting the good fight. I acknowledge the receipt of the renewal payment in full. Thank you for being leaders in this regard. My husband is not from SA and we have not seen his family in 3 years. We are saving to make this happen for Christmas this year and your contribution to this is duly noted and deeply appreciated especially in these uncertain times. Thank you for your integrity!


I am extremely happy and grateful to have received a renewal payment. I would like to send a big thanks to client and their team, and also to my Topco family for being so attentive and making this happen once again for me. I am currently in London and this renewal has helped with paying off visa costs which I am ecstatic about. I was also able to send some money home to my parents who appreciated it immensely. Thank you once again.


Thank you so much for the renewal payment which I received from a job that I did in 2019. I really appreciate the honesty and integrity from all parties involved when processing the renewal in 2021. Receiving this renewal at this time is such a blessing and I will be using the money towards the deposit of my first car. With much appreciation.