"Starting out with Topco a few years back, I was completely new to the industry and had no idea what to expect and what was expected of me. The first few months proved to be especially challenging, but the personal support and guidance from the Topco team had such a positive impact on the transition to where I find myself today as a Topco model. They’ve continuously been there for me through the years and have always provided a safe and exciting space from which to grow and achieve. I’m truly grateful to be a part of the Topco family :)"

— Albert —

"As a parent I am truly grateful for the opportunity. Saeed simply loves that he is able to work and play at the same time. He gets very excited about his bookings. Even though it’s work and sometimes tiring it is enjoyable. It has been an incredible growth experience for him being a shy boy I see him becoming more confident. Thank you for your amazing positive vibes."

— Sukaina (Mom of Saeed) —

"I always had reservations about my kids doing any kind of modeling work; and I was very hesitant when we were approached by booker Talia Fourie a few years ago to sign Haley-Rae and Oliver with Topco. After much soul searching and Talia’s kind and thorough guidance, we agreed. Needless to say, 4 years and countless jobs later, we are ever so glad we took the plunge! My children and myself have been on so many exciting adventures and met so many incredible people in amazing places I can’t begin to pick a favourite! From glamorous hotels to makeshift lemonade stands, from quirky homes to sun bleached sand dunes and sprawling beaches. We have visited corners of the western cape that we hadn’t even dreamed of. We have made so many friends and worked with many interesting models including a budgie, a pony, a few mischievious dalmations and a chicken. The children would most definitely agree that the highlight of their “career” was the opportunity to appear on the Expresso Show with booker Sian Klose and chat with Bonnie Mbuli about child modeling. They felt like mini celebrities. As a parent; their interactions with teams of clients from around the world and their learning how to communicate, participate, take direction and most importantly BE RESPONSIBLE for their work on set has been the most important. Watching my children become independent and confident in their roles has been amazing. I feel these experiences will see them excel in any chosen profession. I have always been cautious about mentioning the earnings to them as I don’t want them to feel pressured in any way to land jobs; my husband and I reward them after a job well done with a toy or treat of their choice, and the rest is quietly tucked away until they reach 21. I cannot wait to hand it over to them and watch them do something truly meaningful with it. As in any industry, unexpected situations will always arise and miscommunication will always be a factor. I have always felt secure enough to call Topco while we are on set and have never felt that anything but our best interests were at heart. My advice would be to always have Topco contact details on speed dial and to let the Agent step in if anything were to become uncomfortable or confusing. My words of wisdom to any new “mommagers” would be to look beyond any earning potential and focus on the life lessons and experiences gained while modeling. Seeing your child blossom in front of the camera and the amazing photographs are so special. Keep your child grounded at all times by reinforcing that it’s a privilege to get chosen and that sometimes it is simply not their turn."

— Brett T (Dad of Haley & Oliver T) —

"I have been with Topco since my daughter was a baby, so almost 12 years if memory serves. I have found the Agency and the staff efficient, caring and highly organized. More importantly they have made my daughter feel special and at home with the agency. In all this time I have never once thought of moving or changing agencies, they have always steered me well in my decisions and the process of modeling and its impact on my child. We love the team. Congratulation on your Amazing new website. You’re TOP CLASS."

— Vanessa B (Mom of Georgia) —

"Topco has been our booking agent for 8 and a bit years now and have been really awsome in getting our kids out there and into jobs. There have been too many awsome jobs to only pick one but a few do definately stand out. H&M, Cubus, M&Co and Boden have really made and impression right through to the production companies they use, really proffessional and well run shoots. Earning potential varies greatly from job to job and we have not been picky in this regard, you have to take the good with the bad. All the money has been invested for our kids which should provide them with a nice little payday when they leave school, studies will obviously come first. We have 4 kids so chaos is pretty much part of our daily lives but it does help to be very organised and keep tabs on EVERYTHING, from casting and shoot dates and times, fittings, call backs payments. I also have a hubby who does lots of driving around and waiting.

Advice for new moms?
- Get a diary. Now actually use it.
- Find some patience. You’re going to need it on those hot summer days when you’ve been waiting at a casting for 3 hours.
- Go to as many castings as you can. No one is going to use your kid if he’s never been seen.
- If you get a job, take it. The little ones really do lead to the big ones.
- Keep some games or activities at hand.
- Most importantly, you and your kid need to have fun, parents mustn’t pressure their kids, the children must want to do it so that it is fun for everyone."

— Michelle (Mom of Ryan, Liam, Jemma, Abigail) —

"My boys have been with Topco since 2006 and we have loved every minute. Matt, Claire and Sian are incredible and always looking after the boy’s best interests. They available for any comment concerns or queries at any time of day or night when necessary. I have been exposed to many other agencies over the last 12 years and very glad to be part of the Topco Team. We have hardly ever had a bad shoot and as for chaos I have always kept my kids away from the set until they are needed, as they don’t need to be involved in anything other than their part. If anything goes wrong, phone your agent - Topco have always given me confidence in knowing that they will sort it out. Don’t force your children to do shoots, they must enjoy every aspect of industry. Don’t try to do to many jobs there will always be another casting, option or job. Don’t take not getting jobs personally and never pressure your children or judge them on whether they get a job or not."

— Nicole (Mom of Ashton & Heath) —

"My daughter has been part of the Topco family for 6 years now and we couldn’t have asked to sign her up with a better agency. From the casting, to the callbacks, to the booking, they are beside you all the way. She has been booked on amazing jobs and given so many different opportunities and the bookers go out of their way to accommodate you and to make the job as straight forward as possible. The Topco Team are always a call away and always so friendly and proud. It is reassuring as a Mom, to know that The Topco Team have my daughter’s best interest at heart. Ciara is so proud of the jobs she has done and loves getting to buy herself special things. Thank you for being such a professional agency."

— Jean (Mom of Ciara) —

"I have been a part of the Topco Models family for over 15 years and I can honestly say that it has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of my life. Starting out at four years old can be a bit daunting as you aren’t really sure of what is going on around you. All you know is that one day your mother asked you if you wanted to be in the magazine pictures and you said yes. Then as time rolls by, at the beginning of each year she asks you if you’re still interested and you find yourself saying yes each time simply because it’s that much fun. Having been in the business for this long, I can recall so many amazing jobs I’ve done, but my favourite would definitely have to be anything that I’ve done for Next Directory. This is because I found myself working for them on a regular basis and I got to know the team that I was working with. They always provided the models with a pleasant, fun and enjoyable experience on the shoots and that sort of genuine hospitality always goes a long way, in my books. I have found that I always enjoy shoots more when you have developed a relationship with the crew. There are any perks to the job. You meet new and interesting people; you become exposed to new things; you constantly learn new things and on top of it all, you get paid for it all. The best thing my parents could have done was to put away most of the money I had made. Eventually, when we wanted to go on vacation abroad, I was able to pay for my own plane ticket. I now have my own bank account within which funds were stored for my university education. Now, being in university, I am able to reap the benefits of the funds that were set aside. So the earnings from the shoots have their practical and “fun” applications. But one also needs to be realistic about the industry. Not everything can be all peachy all of the time. People disagree, arguments break out, things don’t always go as planned and sometimes it’s all just a great big mess. This is simply a tiny obstacle that you have to be willing to overcome along the way. All you need is a good support base, a strong will and a great agency that will have your back when you need them. I have found Topco to be an amazing support base and such a trustworthy agency to deal with and belong to. You hear so many stories about how agencies end up double-crossing the models and cheating them out of money, so I feel very lucky that I never had to go through any of that with Topco. This industry can be daunting. I’m not going to deny that. So my advice for newcomers is that you have to be sure it’s what you want to do. I say this because as soon as you set your mind on wanting to be successful, nothing can stop you. Stay humble, be patient and always be grateful for the opportunities that you’re given. All that is left to say is that I wish you all the best of luck."

— Jordan V —