"TOPCO – They are more than just a co… and as they are, they are TOP!
From the first day they have taken me in, as if I have always been a part of Topco. They always have an open ear and support me wherever they can, no matter what the topic is. What I really appreciate is honest and respectful interaction with each other. The focus is on being successful and not forgetting people. No matter what comes your way, great employees and great service, you could call it, I prefer to call it Topco Family. I am proud to be a part of it."

— Marcel K —

"Thank you to transfer the money. I really appreciate it because I would never know there was still money from that job. Its shows me you’re trustworthy."

— E Bosch —

"As a new face I didn’t quite know what to expect but my agents at Topco have guided me through everything. From on camera training, connecting me with good photographers to build my portfolio and building confidence. Thanks to Topco I got the chance to work with amazing brands like Jet and Johnson’s and I am now getting the chance to model in Europe. Not only do the agents at Topco work hard to promote you to clients but they’re also very kind and honest."

— Joy —

"In an industry where there are agents who do not uphold trustworthy standards, Topco has set themselves apart. Where beautiful is really from inside out and handsome and sexy is based on kindness. I feel at home and proud, after 12 years still, when I cast and say that Topco is my agency. I love Topco. They are my friends, family and consistent cheerleaders. Honesty is at the top of their modus operandi which is at the top of mine. Delivering nothing but the highest standard of service and kindness, this agency has my back in every single way."

— Annie A —

"Upon applying for agencies last year, I was both scared and nervous about the outcome. This owing to the fact that I am not your average 2m model. I don’t fulfill the “model” look as defined by society, in fact, this is a box I gladly don’t want to be classified under. My look is different, refreshing and unique and so me looking for an agency who would appreciate this was vital. TOPCO was one of the first agencies I applied to and was the first who responded to me. Next thing I knew I was signed and man am I proud of being part of this community. Bearing in mind that I had never had modelling experience before, I came into this as an amateur and the amount of support and love I found from the agency, especially Sian and Matthew, was overwhelming. The very same fears I had about this industry was erased by how well my bookers had responded to my look, my personality and the potential they saw and still see in me. Granted I’ve been modelling for about 6 months for TOPCO, I can truly say that it has been nothing but a good experience. No doubt, I would have never been able to book MRP and recently Truworths If it wasn’t for Sian and Matthew. I’ve found a place where difference is celebrated, beauty (in all forms) are welcomed and love for the industry and the models are at the center of it all.
I have no doubt that the future holds so much success for this agency and I cannot wait to be part of this movement.

TOPCO never fails to deliver only the best quality of service, no matter what board you find yourself on, and does so with so much love and sincerity.

I am proud to be part of this agency"

— Ruth J —

"Topco has been a great place where I got to explore myself in an encouraging environment that felt like home. I discovered a side to me I didn’t know existed and the amazing people at Topco have always been my biggest supporters, doing all that they can to build me up and help me to be the best me. I can truly say that Topco and everyone there have helped me grow, become comfortable in my own skin and gain confidence in who I am. I’m so thankful to the Topco family for pushing me beyond my boundaries, seeing the best in me and giving me great opportunities to model for big brands."

— Talent D —

Our Story

Topco was established in 1968, in Cape Town with the mission to create and represent multicultural models, talent and artists found in this beautiful country and abroad.

Honesty and integrity is our work ethic. Therefore there is a mutual respect between Topco, its clients, photographers, magazines and agencies worldwide. We strive to deliver our best efforts to these creative teams on a daily basis.

We simply want to excel by offering more choices and ideas to clients as well as a vast array of possibilities for models that do not exist elsewhere.

Our experienced team of highly passionate and loyal bookers are known for their dedicated, tireless, and loyal service to our broad base of local and international clients.

We are grateful to all these wonderful and beautiful people that have made us a success story today.


Testimoniesfrom our models