"Starting out with Topco a few years back, I was completely new to the industry and had no idea what to expect and what was expected of me. The first few months proved to be especially challenging, but the personal support and guidance from the Topco team had such a positive impact on the transition to where I find myself today as a Topco model. They’ve continuously been there for me through the years and have always provided a safe and exciting space from which to grow and achieve. I’m truly grateful to be a part of the Topco family 🙂"


"Love working with the Crew at Topco, since those days when I took my sons to their castings and shoots, and even more so since 2016, when I became one of their talents."

"Thank you so much for everything. It is wonderful to be represented by such a long standing reputable agency."

— Neil R —

"I have been with Topco for just over a year and it has been nothing short of incredible. Before signing with Topco, I felt as though I needed to constantly have makeup on and have my hair done to feel beautiful. However, since being with them, I barely wear makeup and I leave my hair natural. I have learnt to love my individuality and that is all thanks to the bookers at Topco. Whilst modelling there, I have learnt how important it is to be accommodating and positive when working with clients. Being kind will get you far in the industry. I absolutely adore my agency and the bookers and they always go out of their way to book me jobs and to make sure I'm comfortable."

— Catherine G —

"Topco is a leader in the industry and having been with them for over 15 years I have been blessed enough to see them change and expand and shake up the industry time and time again. The bookers are of the highest calibre and their work ethic is worth all the praise. Their need for professionalism is one of my personal favourites. I am having so much fun being part of this wonderful industry but nothing beats the backing from my agent. Linsay Shuttleworth has been a mentor to me all while running her amazing company. I am humbled by every casting and appreciate every booking because I know how much work they have put into getting me there. I am privileged to be in this industry and humbled by every experience it presents. I am excited for the next 15 years. Cheers Topco and 50 more to you!"

— Annie V —

"At TOPCO you are treated like family!Going in to their offices is always such a delight as a warm welcome is invariably waiting. And no matter what, you know the bookers have your back! Thanks for everything TOPCO!"

— Maria M —

"When I started modelling, I never expected it would be a career. The knowledge I had about the industry made me believe that such things were not meant for me.

The industry itself is very tough, you need to know your story to succeed. One thing that I learned along the way is that there is no better version of yourself than you. "Be you, and do your best."

Topco helped me understand that anything is possible if you believe.

They believed in me from the first go, which made me regain self-confidence and deepen my self-love.

Everyone at Topco, from the bookers to the accountant has played a very big role in my career and I wouldn't be where I am today without them."

— Vince H —

"I have been a part of the Topco Models family for over 15 years and I can honestly say that it has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of my life. Starting out at four years old can be a bit daunting as you aren’t really sure of what is going on around you. All you know is that one day your mother asked you if you wanted to be in the magazine pictures and you said yes. Then as time rolls by, at the beginning of each year she asks you if you’re still interested and you find yourself saying yes each time simply because it’s that much fun. Having been in the business for this long, I can recall so many amazing jobs I’ve done, but my favourite would definitely have to be anything that I’ve done for Next Directory. This is because I found myself working for them on a regular basis and I got to know the team that I was working with. They always provided the models with a pleasant, fun and enjoyable experience on the shoots and that sort of genuine hospitality always goes a long way, in my books. I have found that I always enjoy shoots more when you have developed a relationship with the crew. There are any perks to the job. You meet new and interesting people; you become exposed to new things; you constantly learn new things and on top of it all, you get paid for it all. The best thing my parents could have done was to put away most of the money I had made. Eventually, when we wanted to go on vacation abroad, I was able to pay for my own plane ticket. I now have my own bank account within which funds were stored for my university education. Now, being in university, I am able to reap the benefits of the funds that were set aside. So the earnings from the shoots have their practical and “fun” applications. But one also needs to be realistic about the industry. Not everything can be all peachy all of the time. People disagree, arguments break out, things don’t always go as planned and sometimes it’s all just a great big mess. This is simply a tiny obstacle that you have to be willing to overcome along the way. All you need is a good support base, a strong will and a great agency that will have your back when you need them. I have found Topco to be an amazing support base and such a trustworthy agency to deal with and belong to. You hear so many stories about how agencies end up double-crossing the models and cheating them out of money, so I feel very lucky that I never had to go through any of that with Topco. This industry can be daunting. I’m not going to deny that. So my advice for newcomers is that you have to be sure it’s what you want to do. I say this because as soon as you set your mind on wanting to be successful, nothing can stop you. Stay humble, be patient and always be grateful for the opportunities that you’re given. All that is left to say is that I wish you all the best of luck."

— Jordan V —

"In October 2016, my daughter urged me to use my extensive performance as singer, actor, voice over artist, MC and Lifestyle model, more effectively by employing an agent. Being a stock photographer herself, she was in a position to help with a selective choice of Agents in the market. I decided to elect Topco as I read about their longevity in the industry of selecting choice models/artists.

It was with immense pleasure and joy that they responded to my email and performance CV with excitement. I was called in to do a video interview as well as an oral presentation. Their casting was short but effective, leaving me feeling confident that I had chosen well. I remembered being elated by their enthusiasm in how I presented. A mere two weeks later I was called in as I was shortlisted. What followed was the opportunity given to sign with them. January (only two months later as we had gone into the festive season and companies closing for the holidays) I was asked to do my very first casting. It was for an International TV commercial. I arrived at the casting with dozens of hopefuls from other Casting Agents. Albeit daunting, I delivered a confident audition. To my delight, I was shortlisted and immediately thereafter actually nailed the job.

My earnings was substantial and created a confidence that Topco was not only the right choice but a representation of an industry where they believed in who they sent to castings as their ambassador. It quickly followed with a few more castings and being successful. Two years later, I am still very happy that I’m given opportunities to use my skills. I’m patient with the movie castings as I’m aware they’ve only started to infiltrate this sector that is overwhelmed by pop up agencies. In short, I’m most delighted to still be on their books and enjoying the seasons (both on and off) of creating opportunity for myself.

Well done and thank you Topco. Upward and onward!"

— Nawaal H —